Meet Dr. Anish Reddy

Dr. Anish Reddy was born in Boston and raised in Flower Mound, a suburb of Dallas, TX. With his mother and grandmother both being dentists, Dr. Reddy grew up around the dental profession and developed his interest in the field at a young age.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas with a dual degree in Computer Science and Chemistry, Dr. Reddy received his dental training at the UTHealth School of Dentistry at Houston. Having first attended college at 15 years of age, Dr. Reddy graduated dental school at 24, becoming the youngest licensed dentist in the state of Texas.

With his background in computer science, Dr. Reddy is passionate about providing the most cutting-edge treatment using the latest developments in dental technology. In his free time, Dr. Reddy enjoys working out and following his favorite sports: football and motor racing.